Unable to Separate Personal Expenses and Business Expenses

Many people who usually use QuickBooks to keep a track on their personal as well as business expenditure at the same time have a hard time in identifying and separating the entries for the two. It is also always advised to keep them organized separately, but because making separate entries could be quite time consuming and also a bit complex, not many follow the practices of recording them separately.

If you too have been doing the same till now and want to separate the two to continue with your work efficiently but are unable to do so, you may find the whole situation to be quite grueling. Making your transaction entries from credit cards on weekly basis can actually help you keep a track on the same, but the efficiency of the same will depend upon the intensity of your need. At times even this may not prove to be that helpful option for you.

Alternatively, you can also separate the entries by using their names in the filter. This is the most common approach used by people who do not make the entries for the two separately. You can draw an account table for personal expenses separately that will again help you in keeping a closer look on them and then separate them when required.

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