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If you are facing issues with QuickBooks and wish to reinstall it, it is always advisable to take back up of its data first. This assures you of having a backup of everything that you could need at a later stage. Once you have taken the backup of QuickBooks file, you first would need to reinstall the current QuickBooks package from your system. But this is where most of the people make mistake, and thus are not able to reinstall QuickBooks back on their system later on.

So what actually goes wrong here? While you uninstalled QuickBooks package completely, you perhaps did not clean up the leftover tracks of it from your system. Those tracks are the directory entries of QuickBooks, which too have to be cleaned up before going for a fresh installation. If you have knowledge about how to remove them you can do them by yourself, else it is advisable to seek expert advice from some professional expert.

Alternatively, you can also make use of QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool. Also check if the Windows version you are currently using is compatible with your QuickBooks package or not. If it is not, you may need to upgrade the version for same as well.

If you are still having issues in reinstalling QuickBooks on your system and want someone to help you out, call us. We work with a team of tech specialists who can help you determine the prime cause behind the issue that you are experiencing within a matter of time. If you want, our experts can also connect with your system remotely and then check for the issue on their own. You can see everything they do on your machine right there on your PC screen.

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