Restoring Files on a New Computer via IDP

Often some need may arise when you will have to move your company data file to a new PC in order to continue your further work from over there. There is a specific procedure that you as the user always have to follow in order to ensure that you are not only able to successfully migrate the data file but are also able to preserve all of its contents, and if not, you have a backup already in place for that. With a few simple steps you can carry out the entire procedure with absolute ease.

Below is the process by which you need to take the backup of certain existing file on your computer and then be able to use them on the new computer:

Other than contemporary procedure, there is also an alternative method to go about it. This can be done by restoring Intuit Data Protect or IDP on the new PC. Restoring IDP will not take back up for secondary files, and so the user must IDP to backup the folder that has following files in it:

Files that are saved inside QuickBooks data folder:

Other files located on other places that have to be saved:

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