Rebuilding the Data File Fails

At certain times, when you have upgraded your QuickBooks version to a newer one, you can experience issues in dealing with the Company Data file. At that time, the verified data file will not upgrade automatically to the newer version. In such a case, the only way out is going back to older QuickBooks version and rebuild the data file. While many may find this to be an easy task, when the file’s relevance is quite critical you may often find yourself in a hesitant state and may have to reconsider, for your company’s vital information may come at stake here.

At such a time, it is always recommended to take a procedural method to carry out this task. The steps that will need to be followed here will be:

Often you may find that rebuilding the file may not suffice, and so you must ensure that the data file is placed on the local machine. QuickBooks software itself prefers that the data file must be located only in C: Drive. In case the file is placed anywhere else, even on local machine, QuickBooks will consider it to be placed on some other drive against what is intended. This could mostly be the prime cause behind issue in rebuilding the data file. In case the file is not stored there, before you start rebuilding the file, copy the file in C: drive as well, and once the file has been created you can again move it back to the place where you need it.

It is most likely that you will never find it difficult to find the exact path for the file if you QuickBooks installed on your machine. Alternatively, some help related to this can also be found on the QuickBooks Support page online.
If you are not comfortable in dealing with such an issue by yourself and want to obtain expert advice from some professional, call us. We are staffed by a team of tech specialists who have ample amount of experience in dealing with all kinds of QuickBooks issues. In case you find the procedure to be quite complex in nature you can also have them remotely connect with your machine and resolve your issue on their own. You can view everything they do there right there on your monitor’s screen.

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