Lost Connection with the Data File

This easily can be termed as one of the most common issues that could occur with QuickBooks. This occurs when you try to convert the data file’s existing version to some other version (the one from some other year). Antivirus and other security software could also be the cause behind this, and so you may also try halting them for the time being and then try again. Resolving this error could take some time and efforts, but if done in the right manner, you should be able to do it with little hassle.

Follow the below given steps to fix this QuickBooks error:

In case you have not been able to still get a resolution for your issue by following the aforesaid steps, call us. Our technicians will remotely connect with your machine to check the issue on their own, and with their assistance you can stay assured of a satisfactory resolution. You can also monitor everything they do on your computer’s screen

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