Unable to Copy/Move Company Data File

QuickBooks is indeed useful accounting software, there’s no doubting this fact. At certain times one may need to copy or move the company data file, but may face issues in doing so with ease. The most common reason behind issue in copying/moving company data file is that the file may be locked and would have to be unlocked before it can be moved. This is usually done by Directory Monitor and QuickBooks server manager that lock down the file to safeguard it. In order to fix this, carry out the following steps:

This is definitely the easiest approach that you can carry out with ease to fix this issue on your own and within a matter of time. In case you are still not able to fix it or have some other issue with your copy of QuickBooks and need help with the same you can refer to online QuickBooks support page. However if you are seeking for live services instead and wish for expertise of a proficient tech support provider, give us a call.

Our experts hold ample amount of experience in dealing with multiple kinds of QuickBooks issues. This experience of theirs ensures that you will always be able to get the most optimum resolution for your issue and at the earliest whenever you call us up. In case you have any additional query related to your issue you can also avail advice with the same from us then and there.

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